Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find the more frequent questions that we get asked, including troubleshooting. Please select from the below.

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What is FriFi?


FriFi is an iPhone app that allows you to talk to your friends in the same way that you do with SMS, only without the SMS charges along with being able to see their location.


You get instant notifications when messages or location updates are sent, even when the App is not running.


You simply invite your friends via the App to join you on FriFi, they accept - and from then on you can chat for free and share location information.


Does FriFi use my SMS services for the chat sessions?


No! You will not be charged SMS charges. It uses a tiny amount of your data plan instead. You can on average send over 2,500 message for a megabyte of your dataplan. This is a fraction of a cent / pence.


Does it work anywhere


Anywhere in the world where you can get a mobile or WiFi signal, see where your iPhone carrying friends are anywhere in the world!


What does it not do?


It does not (and can not) update your location when the App is not running.


How do I?


When you start FriFi for the first time you are asked to provide your name, your email address and a password. This is your registration process! Simply fill out these three fields and you are done. Please make sure that you


a) Spell your email correctly, you would be amazed how many support queries are down to this.

b) Use an email address that your friends know, they will use this to add you to their copy of FriFi.


Add a contact


To add a contact simply go to the friends tab, then click 'Add' at the top left of the screen. You will then be presented with a screen that has 3 fields to fill out.


1. Name

2. Email Address

3. Phone number, this is entirely optional and will be removed in future versions as we dont need it.


Fill in your friends name in the first field, then their email address in the second. It is very important that you get the email address correct and if they are already registered with FriFi it is important that you use the same email address that they registered with themselves.


If you find later that you are not hooking up with a friend as you expect to, then you can edit their email address to whatever you want it to be by tapping their name on the list of friends presented in the friends tab and then pressing 'Menu..' in the map screen presented..


Check who has added me as a friend


FriFi will alert you by a 'ding' sound and a count on the 'Requests' tab should any of your friends have added you as a contact. To refresh the list manually go to the 'Requests' tab and tap the refresh button in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Start a conversation with a friend


To start a conversation, go to the 'Chat' tab and tap the compose button in the top left hand corner of the screen.


This will bring up a new screen, with a text field in which to write your message and a wheel scroll that you use to choose who you'll be sending the message to.


When you have typed your message and selected the friend that you're sending the message to, you simply tap the 'Send' button to send the message off.


Continue to chat after I or a friend has started a conversation


Your new chat will be shown in the 'Chat' tab, along with the last message received on that chat and the time at which you received it.


To reply or say something else, tap the chat bar in the 'Chat' tab to enter the main chat window.


In here, simply tap the text entry box at the bottom - enter your message and tap send.


Our message limit is huge at 2000* characters per message, so you should have plenty of space to say what you want!


*Version 1.0 to version 1.4 have 1000 byte limit, version 1.5 (coming soon) has 2000.


Remove a chat session


Whilst on the 'Chat' tab swipe your finger left to right (or right to left) across the bar detailing the chat you wish to delete. A red 'Delete' button will appear and you may tap this to delete the chat history.


Should you wish to back out of the delete just swipe the chat bar again in the opposite direction.


Delete a contact


Go to the friends tab and swipe your finger across their name. This will bring up a red delete button which you can tap to confirm the removal of your friend.


If your friend still uses FriFi then you will receive a friend request from that friend, to not hear from them again (unless you choose to add them yourself) go to the requests tab, tap their name and reject their request.


Friends do not know if you've rejected them or not. You just never show as a confirmed friend on their copy of FriFi.


Edit my own details


Go to the friends tab and tap the 'My Details' button at the top of the screen. In here you can only change your name and not your registered email address.


To register again with a new email address tap the 'Reset Login' button and then start FriFi again registering with your new desired email address and password. If you register again with your old email address then your contact list will be reloaded from our server.


Once you reset the login all of your chat history is removed.


Hide from people


Go to the same menu as 'Edit my own details' above and toggle the switch there that says 'Hide My Location from everybody'.


The overrides all of the individual 'Contact can see me' options available for each of your contacts. If you switch this on then NOBODY can download your location.


If you have been hiding via this option and decide to re-show yourself, only those friends for who you have the individual 'Contact can see me' option set for will be able to see you.


To set the individual option for each friend, go to the friends tab - tap the friends name to bring up their map and then tap the 'Menu...' button at the top. You'll find the option in here.


Share my location


You can do this from 2 places, one is the Location tab. Simply tap the 'Share Location....' button at the top and use the options available in there. The other is within a friends map area (Friends tab, then tap friends name) found by tapping the 'Menu....' button at the top.


To save yourself time you can set the App to auto-upload your location every 30,45,60,120,300 or 600 seconds. To do this enter the 'Share Location....' menu on the Location tab and slide the 'Auto Share' slider up and down to select your desired refresh rate.


If you do not want to share in-accurate GPS information you can limit the sharing to be only when accuracy is better than a certain number of metres, the default for this is 'Any' but you can slide that slider up and down to set your desired level of accuracy. If you are trying to be too precise you may find you don't update very often when you are indoors or in a bad GPS area.


Get My Friends Location


If you are hooked up with your friends and can see their location (green dot next to their name on the friends list) you simply tap their name and a map is presented to you with their location. If their location cannot be found then you are told why in the form of an alert.


To refresh their location, just tap the 'Menu...' button at the top of the friends map and select 'Update Friends Location'. This will ask our server to download your friends latest information.


If they have not updated their location (either manually or via auto update) since the last time you checked then you will not see any change in the location given.


You can tell the App to 'Track' your friend by selecting 'Menu...' from the friends map, then moving to autotrack slider to a desired time interval. This saves you having to keep getting their location manually. Again, if your friend is not updating their information via the App (which does not update unless it's running) then you'll not see any change in your friends location.


Create my own custom pins


Sometimes if accuracy is bad then you may use to pinpoint your location or a point of interest for your friends using our ''Drop Pin' system. You simply have to go to the locations tab and do the following:


1. Centre the map roughly to where you want to pin to be dropped.

2. Tap 'Drop Pin' at the top right on the screen.

3. Tap, hold and drag the pin to a more accurate place. (You can zoom in on the map by double tapping).

3. Then tap the pin again and select the right arrow that appears.

4. Edit the pins details.

5. Share your location via the 'Share Location...' menu.


You can place pins anywhere on the globe (to zoom out on the map, use finger gestures as you do on Maps),.


To quickly move to a pins location there is a (>) menu toward the upper left hand side of the map, just tap this to bring up a selectable menu of your pins from which you can choose to zoom to any of them.


View my friends pins


If your friend has added and edited custom pins from the location tab (and then shared them via 'Share Location....') then you will be able to zoom into those on the friend map.


Simply tap the (>) symbol on the upper left hand side of the map; this will bring up a selection wheel of all of your friends pins, your location and their location. You can then choose to zoom to any of those.


The target button will zoom the map back to your friends position, just as the target button will zoom back to your position when you're on the Location tab.




Cannot register for Push Notification Services or do not receive alerts.


This is the most common problem and is down to one of a few things outside of the Apps control:


1. Your phone is unlocked from a provider. (Apple block Push to these devices).

2. You are using WiFi and port 5223 is blocked on the network. (Common on iPod Touch).

3. You are using a hackivated phone or something Apple does not approve off.


If your problem is due to 1) or 3) then this is NOT the fault of the App. Apple simply do not allow what they see as invalid phones to register with their push notification services. You may wish to Google for fixes to this but be aware that we do not support this course of action - though it's your choice should you really want push services.


If your problem is linked to point 2) then you could try switching to the cellular network in order to register, but it's a good idea to enable this port for the future if you are able to do so.


Notifications MUST be switched on for FriFi under 'Settings->Notifications' on the iPhone device.


If notifications fail there is advice to enable Airplane mode for 10 or 20 seconds then disable it; this forces the network to be restarted which may in turn kick start your push notification services again.


Also, make sure that you have the latest version of the iPhone OS installed.


If all else fails then contact your service provider or Apple for further assistance and help in getting your phone to register with Apple for Push Notifications.


If you have other Apps that work with Push then please let us know.


I do not receive alerts or notifications about new messages


Please refer to the details in 'Cannot register for Push Notification Services' above.


Notifications MUST be switched on for FriFi under 'Settings->Notifications' on the iPhone device.


I receive alerts to my messages a long time after a friend sent them


This is entirely out of our control. We inform the Apple Push Notification servers of the message to send your phone and sometimes they are extremely busy (Just like SMS can be) so your message may take longer to be delivered.


Please be aware this is an increasingly rare event and Apple are continually improving their servers.


What can I do about it if I cannot register for Push Notification?


If you have drawn a blank with the above, your provider and Apple then you can still use the App but it won't be as informative as you may wish.


You'll have to go into the App to check for new messages (It checks when you start it up); once you are in the App it will poll our server every minute to check for new messages. So at most you'll be delayed by one minute.


To check manually just hit the refresh button on any of the relevant screens to check instantly there and then.


You will not receive alert messages when the App is not running until you can get your phone to register with the Apple Push Notification Service.


The app crashes


With each new version we are weeding out the small bugs, if this happens to you please let us know and if you could let us know the steps before hand or if it's repeatable that would be great.




Just a few things to help you understanding how the App works.


1. It does not share location information when it is not running, iPhone apps can not run in the background.

2. The accuracy is governed by the GPS chip in the phone, not the App.

3. For better accuracy move outside where the phone can 'see the sky', or use Drop Pins.

4. Only your approved friends can see your location.

5. You can hide at anytime from everyone via 'Friends tab -> My Details'

6. The target buttons on the Location tab and friends map centre the map again on your or your friends location.

7. Messages sent to you are stored offline for you until you start the app and retreive them.

8. If push notification isn't working for you (see above) then use refresh buttons on various pages.

9. To delete contacts or chats, swipe across them in the Friends or Chat tab to reveal the red delete button.

10. We will listen to you and will help out if possible, please contact us with problems or suggestions.



If you love the App, let everyone else know via the App store reviews. If you don't, let US know what the issue is and we'll do what we can to make it better for you.


Coming in version 1.5 (Currently in Apples review process)

Stability fixes.
Fixed chat internal errors.
Improved chat interface as requested by users.
International character sets handled as requested by users.
App icon updates with message counts.
Warning message and advice if failed to register for push notification services.
Faster loading for chat sessions which have many entries as requested by users.